Membership Requirements Changes

Membership Requirements for Our Coffee Shop have changed!

In an effort to encourage membership  here at Our Coffee Shop your Admin Team has modified the requirements for membership to the group. Just a couple of changes to make a note of.

2 Month Requirement Eliminated

Effective immediately, the “2 Month” or “60 day” requirement for 10 check ins to become a member has been removed. New members will now be able to earn their 10 check ins at their convenience without the requirement to do so in a limited amount of time.

“Decaffeinated” Eliminated 

Effective Immediately, the practice of “Decaffeinating” members after 6 months of inactivity in Our Coffee Shop has been changed. We will no longer use the word “decaffeinated” to refer to members who may be inactive, and, the time for this notation has changed from 6 months to 1 year.

From this point forward, any Our Coffee Shop member that does not check in to a moderated net for a period of 1 year or more, will have their status changed to inactive. Any inactive member needs only to check in to a moderated net to have their account restored.

If you have any questions about this please contact any member of the Admin Team, or send email to


2 thoughts on “Membership Requirements Changes

  1. There is a minor problem on the calendar page:
    Unmoderated nets
    Saturday at 7PM Eastern time.
    Sunday at 9 7PM Eastern time.

    I think the last line should be ” at 7PM”

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