100 Days 100% Uptime!

Congratulations to Our Coffee Shop!  ZERO DOWNTIME in 100 DAYS!  

I know to a lot of you this might not sound like much. But, for some of us here in Our Coffee Shop, myself included, this is perhaps a first milestone in what we all hope will be a long road of continuous availability of the Our Coffee Shop Echolink server.

Here are the stats as of 03/28/2020 1423 EDT

Uptime: 100 days, 3 hours and 11 minutes
Tx packets: 87655474, 15081.84 Mbytes
Rx packets: 15339496, 2425.63 Mbytes
Connections: 14683
Peak users: 24, 3/24 9:26
Peak Tx bandwidth: 681 Kbps @ 1/17 9:46
Peak Rx bandwidth: 64 Kbps @ 3/25 20:12

One of the goals of your admin team has been to provide consistent, reliable, services for everyone’s enjoyment in Our Coffee Shop!  We have reached a small but notable goal by passing the 100 day mark with 100% uptime on our conference server and I look forward to the next milestone.

Many thanks to all those who support and participate in Our Coffee Shop!  Open 24/7 …  and now, for the last 100 days nonstop!