Email Issues

Some members may not be receiving our emails!

UPDATE *******  4/13/2021 0750 Eastern

I have received an email from our service provider indicating that the problem with Microsoft email services has been corrected.

Emails should be going to all our members now.

Please let me know if there are any issues.


Please be advised:

If you have a .Hotmail, .Outlook, .Live, or .MSN email address registered with Our Coffee Shop,  you are likely NOT receiving emails from Our Coffee Shop.  This would include Prayer Requests and any other automated emails from Our Coffee Shop.

This problem is a result of our “Shared” email server which has likely been black listed by the aforementioned Microsoft email services.

A support request has been filed with our service provider. I will update this post, or remove it when the situation has been addressed. 

SUGGESTION: members could change their registered email address to something other than a Microsoft service. Perhaps a gmail address or something similar.  

At this time, only the aforementioned Microsoft email services are affected.

Contact me direct if you need further information.