Our Coffee Shop Schedule - 9AM and 7PM Eastern Time

Moderated nets
Monday – Sunday at 9 AM Eastern time.
Monday – Sunday at 7 PM  Eastern time.

Net Times (US mainland time zones)

PacificMountainCentralEasternUTC (DST)UTC (Standard)
6 -7 AM7 - 8 AM8 - 9 AM9 - 10 AM1-2 PM2-3 PM
4 - 5 PM5 - 6 PM6 - 7 PM7 - 8 PM11-12 PM12-1 AM
World Clock

Moderator Schedule

AMKK4WVO - PaulaKK5NTL - SteveK6FN - JerryN9RFO - StanN0EBB - DonWQ1I - CarsonWT6E - Lee
NV5B - Roger
(Trivia Night)

W9NES - Tim
KF5UCO - RicKF7MCQ - Mr. FranKK7HSO - ElvinKC7YFE - Dale

You never know when there might be an opening in the Moderator Schedule! If you are a member of Our Coffee Shop and are interested in becoming a Moderator, check the link below. 

Become a Moderator


Moderators Notice – If you are unable for any reason to moderate your scheduled net, please sign in to the logger, and use the area at the bottom of the “MY INFO” tab to send out a substitute moderator request email.  The request looks like this:

When you click the “Send Notification” button, it will send an email all the moderators with link in to the logger where they can volunteer to be a substitute.