What does it take to keep Our Coffee Shop running?

**Our coffee shop Funding**

As most of you know there is no cost to join or use Echolink, but to keep the Web page online, the logging services, and the coffee shop server service, there is a yearly cost involved.

So Far k6fn and nv5b had paid these yearly amounts out of pocket but it’s getting costly so we would like to reach out to the membership for a donation if you can.

I’ve developed a Paypal link that makes it fairly easy to send the donations.

**Important** You MUST have your own Paypal account to make a contribution and be sure to mark the donation for Friends and family !

YOU DON”T HAVE A Paypal account?
No problem!  You can mail cash, check, or money order to:

Jerry Kerns
2821 NE State Route 92
Smithville, MO 64089


The funds will “only” be used to fund our coffee shop services. Roger and I will provide an accounting yearly when the fee’s have been paid.

Annual expenses:
Conference server $40, Web site $72, domain $45, $50 SSL Cert

Thanks in advance for your support.

(any remaining funds will be applied to next year’s billing.)

To those who have made contributions, Thank you very much! Your support via cash, time, knowledge, and services, helps to make Our Coffee Shop the wonderful place that it is for everyone.

73   Jerry K6FN