Emergency Contact Info

Our Coffee Shop Emergency Contact Information

In Our Coffee Shop we care about our members and visitors! When someone is absent from the group, or struck by illness, our members grow concerned for the safety and well being of the individual.

Recent events regarding an illness suffered by one of Our Coffee Shop’s long time members has brought to light an opportunity for us to provide a service to our members and visitors regarding Emergency Contact Information.

The Admin Team here at Our Coffee Shop has determined that it might be very helpful if we, as a group, were to keep some emergency contact information on hand for our members and visitors.

This program is entirely voluntary. Members and visitors, will have the opportunity to leave emergency contact information with us.

In the event that there is an unexpected absence of a member or frequent visitor to our group, or, if some other emergency is heard “on the air,” this emergency contact information would be used in an attempt to ensure that the person in question is indeed safe and well. 

The emergency contact information will be securely stored and available only to the member themselves, and the members of the Admin Team.  

In the event of an emergency where such information may be helpful, a member of the admin team will employ the emergency contact information and try to make contact with the designated party for the afflicted member or visitor.

It is our goal to do all we can to help to ensure the safety and well being of our members and visitors.  Please use the link below to submit your emergency contact information.


Our Coffee Shop Emergency Notice

Please find below a notice that can be printed and hung in your shack or on the refrigerator so that in the event of illness, injury, hospitalization, or demise your family members will know who to contact at Our Coffee Shop so we know what happened.  

Our Coffee Shop
Emergency Notice

The HAM radio operator that lives here is a member of Our Coffee Shop. 

If some event should occur that results in the serious illness, hospitalization, or demise, of this person, please contact one of the members of Our Coffee Shop listed below.

Our Coffee Shop Admin Team

Chaplain – Stan, N9RFO – 317-665-4128

Jerry, K6FN – 951-707-5431

Roger, NV5B – 832-692-6707

Carson, WQ1I – 603 479 1229

Paula, KK4WVO – 615-739-3707