Antenna Radiation Characteristics (Great Demonstration!)

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click image video will open in new window

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Antennas ...(But were afraid to ask) Frank Rutter K3AW

I’m not exactly sure how I came across this video, but, I am thrilled that I have! This might be the best demonstration of antenna radiation characteristics that I have seen.

Frank Ruter  K3AW gives an excellent presentation at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory  August 4, 1981.  

In which, he discusses and demonstrates the radiation pattern of a wide variety of antenna types including; verticals, dipoles, quad, yagi, and others in various configurations. 

This demonstration will allow the viewer to SEE how these radiate and get a good idea of the angles of radiation and lobe strength. What a fantastic resource for those of us that like to experiment with antennas!

The video is long, but I enjoyed every bit! I hope that you enjoy it too!

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