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100 Days 100% Uptime!

Congratulations to Our Coffee Shop!  ZERO DOWNTIME in 100 DAYS!  

I know to a lot of you this might not sound like much. But, for some of us here in Our Coffee Shop, myself included, this is perhaps a first milestone in what we all hope will be a long road of continuous availability of the Our Coffee Shop Echolink server.

Here are the stats as of 03/28/2020 1423 EDT

Uptime: 100 days, 3 hours and 11 minutes
Tx packets: 87655474, 15081.84 Mbytes
Rx packets: 15339496, 2425.63 Mbytes
Connections: 14683
Peak users: 24, 3/24 9:26
Peak Tx bandwidth: 681 Kbps @ 1/17 9:46
Peak Rx bandwidth: 64 Kbps @ 3/25 20:12

One of the goals of your admin team has been to provide consistent, reliable, services for everyone’s enjoyment in Our Coffee Shop!  We have reached a small but notable goal by passing the 100 day mark with 100% uptime on our conference server and I look forward to the next milestone.

Many thanks to all those who support and participate in Our Coffee Shop!  Open 24/7 …  and now, for the last 100 days nonstop!

Membership Requirements Changes

Membership Requirements for Our Coffee Shop have changed!

In an effort to encourage membership  here at Our Coffee Shop your Admin Team has modified the requirements for membership to the group. Just a couple of changes to make a note of.

2 Month Requirement Eliminated

Effective immediately, the “2 Month” or “60 day” requirement for 10 check ins to become a member has been removed. New members will now be able to earn their 10 check ins at their convenience without the requirement to do so in a limited amount of time.

“Decaffeinated” Eliminated 

Effective Immediately, the practice of “Decaffeinating” members after 6 months of inactivity in Our Coffee Shop has been changed. We will no longer use the word “decaffeinated” to refer to members who may be inactive, and, the time for this notation has changed from 6 months to 1 year.

From this point forward, any Our Coffee Shop member that does not check in to a moderated net for a period of 1 year or more, will have their status changed to inactive. Any inactive member needs only to check in to a moderated net to have their account restored.

If you have any questions about this please contact any member of the Admin Team, or send email to


The Marathon was a great success!

Thank You! To all who helped us Celebrate Our 10th Anniversary!

Our 10th Anniversary Marathon was a great success! Many thanks to all who participated by checking in! What a great bunch of folks we have as members here in Our Coffee Shop. We are a diverse group with members and visitors from all over the world!

Our Coffee Shop was founded on the idea that it would be great to have a meeting place where hams from all over could meet and enjoy the camaraderie that you might find in your local coffee shop. A community experience, where “Everybody is Somebody.”  We are still striving today to live up to this ideal, and, we continue to welcome each and every guest in Our Coffee Shop. Come on in, sit for a spell, and enjoy a cup of coffee with us! Tell us about your day,  your challenges, and your victories! 

Our members are a cheerful and encouraging group for sure! This was never more true than it was just yesterday during our 10th Anniversary Marathon.

49 hams from all over the world checked in to our 12 hour marathon to help us celebrate our 10th birthday. Each of their unique callsigns have been entered in the log, and will be in the permanent record of Our Coffee Shop. Thank you to each and every one! It is your participation in the group that really makes Our Coffee Shop the special place that it is!

We had a few new visitors during the marathon, and we sincerely hope that you will make Our Coffee Shop one of your “go to” places to enjoy some friendship and fellowship.

We also saw a few members that haven’t checked in for a while. If you are one of them, know this: We really enjoyed seeing you for the event, and hope that you will be able to find time in the future to join us for some of our regular sessions.

The marathon attendance was really great with many of our members there for almost the entire 12 hours! My hat is off to those of you who showed your dedication this way!

I tip my hat to the moderators of the event as well! You guys really did a great job! Of course, who would expect anything less? We even had the opportunity to enjoy a few moderators that we don’t usually hear from. Like M3YEU for example. Jim kicked off the start of the marathon and logged 14 check-ins in the first hour! Nice work Jim! 

Another moderator we don’t get the chance to hear from too much is Richard, KK6YHQ. Richard, your professional audio quality and melodious voice is a pleasure to experience! Richard was able to log a check in from one of our members we don’t hear from too often, 7L2VPL – Hide, from Japan.  Thanks for your efforts Richard and for getting hide checked in!

To each of the moderators that volunteered your time to help us celebrate,  Thank you! 

A special Thank You to Roger, Nv5B!  Roger was faced with a challenge right at the beginning of the marathon when “the Logger”, an application he has developed suffered a failure due to a problem with the hosting provider for that application.  

This might have caused an unrecoverable failure from some folks, but not for Roger! His quick thinking and actions saved the day when he made the logger available on his own server until the hosting provider got their stuff together!  Moderators were able to log everyone just as planned, albeit at a different URL, until Roger was able to restore the application on the original service provider site.

Very nice work Roger! Thank you for all your efforts for the marathon, and for Our Coffee Shop on a continuing basis! Your product of your hard work is enjoyed by all the moderators and members alike.

Tim, W9NES, was moderating hour 7 of the marathon and had the opportunity to check in our founder KB4SVP, Richard, Mr. Coffee himself! We are all very glad that Richard checked in with the group. We all wish him well in his “retirement” .. and hope that he finds time to check in with us more in the future.

Thanks again to everyone for attending, thanks to the moderators, and thanks to the Admin Team!

Registered Members Only

Have you seen this yet?

If not, and you are a user of some of the best features of, you will.  Some features of the OurCoffeeShop.Org website are now only available to Our Coffee Shop Members that are registered. 

OurCoffeeShop.Org has been testing some features that you may have come to appreciate. Things like the Visitors Log, Net Topics, Prayers, and other similar pages are all products of OCSLogger.

OCSLogger is a custom application and associated database developed by NV5B over countless volunteer hours. It provides a wealth of information that can be of great use to members of Our Coffee Shop.

Now, Our Coffee Shop members can register and have access to all this great information. 

Registered users can update their own contact information, phone, email, etc., and decide which items they would like to share with the group.  Registered members will be able search the database for contact information of other members. 

Here are some of the features currently available to Registered Members

  • My Info – Your registration information
  • Member Info – Find Information about any registered member
  • My CheckIns – See when you have checked in and who moderated that session
  • CheckIns – See who is checked in during an active net (Live Data)
  • Member List – See the Member list
  • Prayer – See all prayer requests
  • Visitors – See the visitors page
  • Topics – See the upcoming topics of discussion
  • Membership Certificate – Download your Our Coffee Shop Membership Certificate
  • email address!

Get Registered Now!

Registration is simple and will ensure you have access to all these great features and more to come! 

Registration is FREE!

Our Coffee Shop members can register here

You will need your passcode which was emailed to you. Be sure and check your junk mail if you have not already made a safe sender. If you have not received your passcode contact  NV5B for assistance.

New Ownership

BREAKING NEWS! Our Coffee Shop Has New Ownership!

An agreement has been reached between KB4SVP and K6FN.  K6FN is the new owner of Our Coffee Shop effective immediately. 20191202 13:01 eastern time

Many thanks to KB4SVP for founding such a great organization! Thank you Richard! Your decade of leadership and vision of a place where everybody is somebody, and it’s practical application in Our Coffee Shop, has been a guiding principle and has greatly contributed to the success of the group!

Congratulations to K6FN! Richard couldn’t have picked a better person to lead Our Coffee Shop into the future!

After a brief phone call with Jerry, K6FN, is now the official website for Our Coffee Shop!

There may be some changes coming, so stay tuned!