New Ownership

BREAKING NEWS! Our Coffee Shop Has New Ownership!

An agreement has been reached between KB4SVP and K6FN.  K6FN is the new owner of Our Coffee Shop effective as of December 2, 2019.

Many thanks to KB4SVP for founding such a great organization! Thank you Richard! Your decade of leadership and vision of a place where everybody is somebody, and it’s practical application in Our Coffee Shop, has been a guiding principle and has greatly contributed to the success of the group!

Congratulations to K6FN! Richard couldn’t have picked a better person to lead Our Coffee Shop into the future! is now the official website for Our Coffee Shop!

3 thoughts on “New Ownership

  1. I will be tuned in in the morning I can’t comment but looking forward to the discussion. I see this growing thanks Jerry

  2. I will be discussing our future a bit tonight but at length Tuesday morning. Stay tuned for great news and more fun!

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