Recipes (Rules)

Our Coffee Shop Recipes (Rules)

In addition to the normal requirements of all amateur radio operators as set forth by the FCC in the United States, and the governing bodies of amateur radio in other countries, and, to help to ensure everyone has a good time in Our Coffee Shop, there are a few Recipes (Rules) that we follow.

  1. Leave 5 seconds between transmissions.
  2. Transmit no longer than 2.5 minutes.
  3. Welcome new folks into Our Coffee Shop. 
  4. No conference connections.
  5. Link stations are permitted. (no tones please)
  6. No repeater connections.
  7. Maintain an active email address with Our Coffee Shop.
  8. Avoid one on one chats in Our Coffee Shop. Speak to the entire group. (During a net)
  9. The server is up 24/7 for use by any licensed Amateur Radio Operator.

Member / Visitor Conduct and Moderator Authority

Members and Visitors are expected to maintain civility in their interactions with other members and visitors, and in their use of any of the applications or services provided by Our Coffee Shop. Argumentative, combative, abusive, profane, or disrespectful behavior or language directed at other members or visitors will not be tolerated.

This is to include this website, Our Coffee Shop *K6FN* Echolink Conference, the Our Coffee Shop Facebook Page, and any other such environments that might be established.

Members are also expected to represent Our Coffee Shop faithfully and positively. It is inappropriate for a member at any time to speak negatively or disparagingly about Our Coffee Shop or any of its members. Be that on any of the services or platforms provided by Our Coffee Shop, or otherwise.

Moderators and administrators of the services provided by Our Coffee Shop are expected to, and will, maintain the aforementioned civility by use of the admin tools available in the event that this policy is violated by any member or visitor.

Member privileges to any, or all, of the aforementioned services may be suspended, and or terminated for violation of these policies.

Our Coffee Shop is an organization based in the United States that includes many US Veterans as members. We hold dear The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.

All licensed Amateur Radio Operators are welcome and encouraged to become members and participate in all the various services provided by Our Coffee Shop.

For comments or questions about this policy statement, or, if you would like to terminate your membership in Our Coffee Shop and all associated services, send an email to:

Our Coffee Shop Admin Team