Just Want to Listen

When you connect to Our Coffee Shop, your callsign and name (if set up in EchoLink) will appear in the user list. As time passes and people “key up,” your callsign / name will move to the bottom of the list.

When your callsign gets to the bottom of the list, you will be called on to key up and address the group. 

If you would like to just listen, and, not be called on, you can enter .lurk in the text box. This will remove your name from the list and the conversation will continue without calling on you. To return your name to the list, simply enter .delurk in the text box.

Be sure to enter the period (.) before the word, lurk or delurk, for the command to work.

We encourage everyone to take part in the discussion, but, we also know there are times when one can only listen. Feel free to use the .lurk command anytime you like in Our Coffee Shop!