Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m using a mobile device. How do I pass to the call at the bottom of the list when I can’t see the list?
A: While transmitting you will only see the image of a microphone.  The recommended procedure is to tap the microphone (to unkey), look at the bottom of the list to see who is there (it can change while you’re transmitting), then key back up and pass to the station at the bottom by call or name, then unkey. (by tapping the microphone image).

Q: When are the Coffee Shop nets?
A: We conduct 2 one hour nets a day, 7 days a week. View the coffee shop schedule HERE.

Q: Does the coffee shop have a net control operator?
A: No. The coffee shop does not have a net control station.  Instead the coffee shop has a Moderator who conducts the net.  Click HERE to review Moderator duties. 

Q: How do I check in to the coffee shop net?
A: When you connect to the K6FN conference server (during the scheduled net), your call sign will be displayed on the echolink list of connected stations.  The moderator will check you in when he/she notices your callsign in the list.  

Q: What are the coffee shop net rules of conduct?
A: The coffee shop rules of conduct can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Q: How do I know when it’s my turn to transmit (talk)?
A: The coffee shop net is a gravitational round table.  When your call gets to the bottom of the list, you will be called on to transmit by the person at the top of the list.  (A call will automatically go to the top of the list when transmitting).

Q: What can I do if I can’t or don’t care to talk when called on?
A: You can remove your callsign from the list by typing .lurk in the echolink textbox.  Be sure to type a period before the word lurk.  Your call will be removed from the list but you will continue to hear everyone’s transmission.

Q: How do I get back on the list after I issue the .lurk command to be removed from the list?
A: Your callsign can be added back on the list by typing .delurk in the echolink textbox.  Be sure to type a period before the word delurk.  Your call will be added back on the list.  Typically at the bottom which will make you next one to transmit.

Q: How can I become a member of the coffee shop?
A: Our Coffee Shop membership is free and available to all licensed amateur radio operators worldwide.  Click HERE to view  the membership three step process.