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New Ownership

BREAKING NEWS! Our Coffee Shop Has New Ownership!

An agreement has been reached between KB4SVP and K6FN.  K6FN is the new owner of Our Coffee Shop effective as of December 2, 2019.

Many thanks to KB4SVP for founding such a great organization! Thank you Richard! Your decade of leadership and vision of a place where everybody is somebody, and it’s practical application in Our Coffee Shop, has been a guiding principle and has greatly contributed to the success of the group!

Congratulations to K6FN! Richard couldn’t have picked a better person to lead Our Coffee Shop into the future! is now the official website for Our Coffee Shop!

New Features 10/26/19

OCS Fan Site adds new features this week!

New Countdown Timer! 

The countdown timer in the top of the sidebar on the right is counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to the start of the Our Coffee Shop 10th Year Anniversary Marathon!  

This year it will be a 48 hour marathon starting at 6 am Saturday February 8, 2020! This is our opportunity to celebrate 10 great years of Our Coffee Shop!

If you are a moderator, You will want to get your favorite hours on the schedule!

More details on the event will be posted as they come available.

DXWATCH box was added to the site this week. This will provide you with “real time” reports from DX spotters all over the world!

If you are looking for dx stations this might be a great resource for you!  It’s a nice little display that indicates who made the report (de) the dx station (dx) the frequency they were heard on and the time in UTC/Zulu.

Clicking on a callsign will bring up a page with a callsign lookup and QSL preferences.

Its free to register on the site and registered users can post their DX sightings, and receive more complete information when using the lookup features.

***NOTE – The DX Watch box will time out. Refresh the page to restore the connection.

Let me know what you think about this tool, or, if you have other similar tools that you like to use.

Approval from Mr. Coffee!

Mr. Coffee from Our Coffee Shop gave his “blessings” to the continued development of OCS Fan Site! Woohoo! Thank you Mr. Coffee!

I had the opportunity to speak with Richard on the phone this morning, it was great to be able to catch up. We spoke on a number of topics, including OCS Fan Site!

I was very pleased when I asked if he would give OCS Fan Site his blessing and he said yes! He also mentioned that he would be a contributor to the site and would be providing me with his feedback.

Again, thank you Mr. Coffee!

I look forward to your input here at OCS Fan Site!
We wouldn’t have Our Coffee Shop without you!