APRS Automatic Packet Reporting System

APRS (https://aprs.fi) allows anyone to track (on Google maps) amateur radio operators who use the system as they travel.  Our Coffee Shop members listed below can be tracked when they are reporting their whearabouts via APRS as they travel.

If you would like to be included in the list below, email NV5B@ourcoffeeshop.org with your APRS tracking callsign (eg NV5B-5).

Jerry       K6FN-5
Richard KB4SVP-9
Mike      KE5GBC-14
Richard KK6YHQ
Larry     KN4JUU-14
Jim         KO4INQ
James    M3YEU
Bill         N9WJP-4
Roger    NV5B-5
Don       NX1Q-10
John      W7JSM-9
James    ZL2OO-10