Membership Changes

Membership Requirements for Our Coffee Shop have changed!

In an effort to encourage membership  here at Our Coffee Shop your Admin Team has modified the requirements for membership to the group. Just a couple of changes to make a note of.

Probationary period extended to 90 Days

As of 11/29/2023, the “2 Month” or “60 day” requirement for 10 check ins has been changed to 10 check ins by voice in 90 days.  New probationary members will now be able to earn their 10 voice check ins with an extended timeframe.

“Decaffeinated” changed to Inactive 

As of 2/24/2023 Members will need to check in to a net once a year (365 days) to maintain their membership benefits.  Failure to do so will change the members status to Inactive.  Inactive members will loose access to the registered member site and opportunity to request honor roll certificates. 

From this point forward, any Our Coffee Shop member that does not check in to a moderated net for a period of 1 year or more, will have their status changed to inactive. Any inactive member needs only to check in to a moderated net to have their status and benefits restored.

If you have any questions about this please contact any member of the Admin Team, or send email to