Probationary Member Information

Welcome, probationary member to Our Coffee Shop. 
Be sure to check out the new Member Only access granted to probationary members (highlighted below).

If you have not filled out a member registration “form”, click HERE for all the details.

It is recommended that you review our net operating procedures and rules of conduct HERE.
We also recommend you review our Frequently Asked Question page HERE.

To complete the requirements for full membership, you must check in to an Echolink (*K6FN*) moderated net, BY VOICE, 10 times within the next 90 days.  Click HERE for the net schedule.  At the completion of your 10th check-in, you will be granted full membership to Our Coffee Shop with all the rights, privileges and benefits thereof.  You will also receive a Certificate of Membership (suitable for framing) by email within 48 hours.

Failure to meet the requirement for full membership within 90 days will result in a revocation of your probationary status.  However, your registration information will be retained so you can restart your probationary 10 check in requirement the next time you check in to a net.

Once you become a full member, you MUST check in to a net at least once per year to maintain your membership.  Failure to do so will cause your status to become “inactive” and you will no longer receive emails or have access to the Member Only Site.

NEW - Probationary access to Member Only Site

Beginning June 4, 2023 probationary members can access the Coffee Shop Member Only site.  The member site provides members access to information maintained in the coffee shop database.  To log in to the Member Site click  HERE.  To log in, use your callsign and the password you filled out on the registration form.  Forgot your password? No worries, if your login attpemt fails, you will be given the opportunity to request a temporary password that will be emailed to the email address you entered on the registration form.

Note: As a registered member, you will have limited access to the features available to full members on the Member Site.