Our Coffee Shop Trivia

Below are some trivia questions about Our Coffee Shop.  How many do you know?

When was Our Coffee Shop born?

February 2010.

Who is Mister Coffee?

Mister Coffee is Richard (KB4SVP).  He is the founder and creator of Our Coffee Shop.

How many members does Our Coffee Shop have?

145 members including 5 honorary members. (as of 2/19/2022)

Who is Our Coffee Shop Chaplain?

Our Coffee Shop Chaplain is Stan (N9RFO).  He is the person who sends out prayer requests to the membership.

Who is Our Coffee Shop Bouncer?

Our Coffee Shop bouncer is Big Rick (KB3TYZ).  His job is to enforce the rules in our coffee shop.  

Who is Our Coffee Shop retired medical doctor?

Our Coffee Shop retired medical doctor is David (AA2DW).  He was a practicing radiologist for decades prior to retirement. 

Which coffee shop member lives “off the grid”, no commercial power whatsoever?

Our Coffee Shop energy independent member is Cari (KE6BPZ).

What is Our Coffee Shop Expresso Group?

Our Coffee Shop espresso group is composed of those who check in to the net every day or so.   Click HERE to see the list of those who checked-in for the past 30 days sorted by number of check-ins.

Furthest check-ins to our coffee shop (geographically speaking).

  1. Karl (9W2IXY) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 10,091 miles
  2. Keith (KV5ND) SA Australia – 9,961 miles
  3. James (ZL2OO) Waipukurau, New Zealand – 7,993 miles
  4. Hide (7L2VPL) Japan – 7,053 miles
  5. Peter (G0NQZ) Eastbourne, England – 4,374 miles
  6. James (M3YEU) Oxfordshire, England – 4,296 miles