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EchoLink Direct Connect Problem SOLVED!

Good morning everyone. here is the reply I received from echolink support on 2/9/21.  Lets hope that however it got skrewed up that it wont happen again as it caused a lot of grief all over the world for echolink users.
“Subject: Re: [Ticket#2021020910000065] EchoLink Support Question (proxy)
Hi Jerry,
It was a subtle configuration issue that was causing the Windows app to switch
to a mode where it used a different pair of UDP ports for send and receive.
This didn’t affect nodes that had proper firewall/router configurations, but
it made others much less firewall-friendly and unable to connect, and it also
affected Android users working through Relay servers to contact Windows nodes.
There ya have it..
73 jerry


WOW! I'm amazed at how rapidly Our Coffee Shop is growing!

We have more than doubled our membership since I took over from our founder, Richard, KB4SVP a year ago.

We want to keep growing and adding to our roles as we have folks that come and go. We have made record numbers in our groups with Paula KK4WVO setting the bar high at 31 check-in’s !  This will be our goal as moderators to keep attracting new members and for our current members to advertise Our Coffee Shop to other groups and to ham friends that we talk to all over the world.

I know myself as I have my daily CW Qso’s, I try to always inquire if the other ham has ever tried EchoLink if so then I invite them to our group, if not then I give a brief explanation of it and invite them.

We as hams can help keep the fires burning with the hobby by sharing the good news about EchoLink and Our Coffee Shop.

We are looking forward to a successful 11th Anniversary Marathon. Again it will be a 12-hour event with the moderators keeping it lively and fun.

We will track the number of check-in’s and new member requests and have that available in the near future.

I want to give a whole hearted thanks to our Moderators for doing a wonderful job on their groups. Without them it would not be possible to continue.

I want to give a Hugh shout out to the admin team for all the work they continue to do.

Without the dedicated efforts of the admin team to keep the web page operational, maintain the database for the fantastic logger program and to keep track of new members it would be a lot harder to keep up the great work that we love and do with pride and dedication.

I’m especially thankful to Roger (NV5B) for his hard work in developing the logging program plus web page work with member certificates and many other items that he keeps an eye on daily.

Thanks to Jack (VE7PNN) for keeping a watchful eye on new members and check-in’s and for stepping in many times to support moderators when they need a relief.

Thanks to Paula (KK4WVO) for stepping up as both a moderator and now as an admin team member and the “WEB” master. She will give much needed relief to Roger as he took on the additional web duties recently.

Last but not least, We are so blessed to have Stan (N9RFO) as our Chaplin. Stan is so great in spreading the good news about God and religious studies. Stan’s Wednesday groups have a change in format as he now uses that time to give us wonderful, spiritual words instead of a regular topic. Stan and his xyl Sharon have been very active in truck stop ministry for several years now and we are truly blessed to have Stan on our team.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if at any time you need to contact me you have several ways in which to do it.

My cell is 951-707-5431, my email is or contact me on the coffee shop server.

We, as the admin team are open to comments and suggestions in which to make Our Coffee Shop better.

All suggestions and comments are discussed by the team for action.

Please keep up your prayers for our friends and families as our country and world remains in great distress and turmoil.

May God bless Our Coffee Shop and God bless America.

73, Jerry k6fn


Good morning coffee shop family!

I’ve had a few things on my mind lately so hang on a bit this may be a tad long!
I feel very blessed to see how our coffee shop has grown over the past several months and am very proud of what its become. We are the pride of echolink far as I’m concerned!
I want to thank the admin team for all the hard work we all put in to develop this great conference server. Many thanks to Roger-nv5b, Tom-kd4lqb, Jack-ve7pnn, Stan-n9rfo and myself, Jerry-k6fn.
Without a lot of great attention to details and many hours talking together we would not be as advanced as we are. Thanks to our great team of moderators who keep the groups together for our daily gatherings. we could not operate without such a dedicated team.
Im so proud of the fine members we have and its such a pleasure to have such a welcoming place to visit.
A subject came up last night and I want to expound on it a bit. We are getting a lot of new members some of which are also new hams. Many are trying to gain knowledge of ham radio and this is where we can all come in. We have such a diverse group of members who can provide such valuable information and all you have to do is ask. We try to keep out groups lively and fair minded. We Pray constantly for friends and family members and have a tremendous amount of talented people. I myself am a self proclaimed expert in quite a few things and know how to do a lot of things and the same goes for our members. my point, is please do not be afraid to ask questions! One of our mandates is to “Elmer” (help others learn) our friends to help them grow in ham radio knowledge. For example: our diverse group has members that quite often provide a good range of medical offerings and advice, our computer whiz folks are always available to help with software or computer issues, we have very talented gardeners, engineers, electricians, plumbers woodworkers and many other various trades. All you have to do is ask for help or advice and grab you pencil and paper then hold on!
We have a lot to learn from each other and gaining knowledge makes each of us stronger.
Many thanks to all our great members for helping to make this a wonderful home, without you we would be a distant memory.
So in a nutshell thats what I wanted to get off my chest, now I can go back to bed since it 0245 CST.
Please join Tim-w9nes for his friday group. According to joe-kb6yyt, Tim wears a certain type of cologne that attracts guests! I have to agree that there is something that draws a good gathering.
If any of you think of good topics that would be of interest please let us know and we will work them in. It doesn’t have to be ham radio related. we have covered a lot of ground ranging from growing veggies to firearms, fishing, storm and weather watch, Drones, RC planes, vehicles, antennas, propagation, operating FT-8, WSJT-x and one of important interest during these stressful times is keeping aware of your surroundings whether in your vehicle, in a store or restaurant or generally being outdoors enjoying sports or exercise. Awareness is extremely important. please keep your eyes and ears open at all times.
Well that’s it. Thanks for sticking with me.
Like Tom-kd4lqb says “If you need me, you know where to find me”
my email is, cell is 951 707 5431. Feel free to contact me anytime.
The very best of 73 and may God Bless our coffee shop and our country.


To All The Moderators!

If you are having any issues with the logger functions please ask one of us for help! We really want to ensure all of you understand how nice and smooth it it is and how important it is to keep an active log during your groups.

Some of you may have trouble using 2 screens, (one for logging and the other for your group) Roger, Tom, Jack or I will be able to help ease those issues for you. But if you need another moderator to log for you during your group then just ask! One of us will be more than happy to help do that..

Please look at your logger inputs for errors prior to sending, because if you make a wrong entry then Roger has a lot of work to fix it.. I’ve got a touch of dyslexia and find myself crossing up letters all the time so don’t feel bad about it..

Again please ask for help as it only makes our great coffee shop operation work so much better..

We are growing by leaps and bounds as many have seen! Our probationary list is growing daily and as the Administrator of this server, it makes me very proud of what we have done and where we are heading!

If any member has the desire to become a moderator just ask as we are always on the lookout for that.

Moderators it’s imperative that you review the moderator duties listed on the web page! Its very important that you do! .. If you have questions or comments then let us know.. My email is and my cell is 951 707 5431..

Please let us know what we can do to keep this a wonderful conference server. Let all your ham friends know about us too. Sorry for a long post but I feel it’s very important to keep us growing.

Many tnx,
de k6fn


Greetings all Coffee Shop Members and Guests!

The New Year is well underway.  We are striving to make Our Coffee Shop a wonderful meeting place for all.

Our great Admin Team is making changes for the better continuously, so, please keep checking all the various tabs and links.  Important announcements will aslo be sent in an email blast so that everyone knows quickly what is happening.

Rosie and I want to wish everyone a Blessed New Year, and God Bless Our Coffee Shop, (as our founder would say). 



Merry Christmas from K6FN

I want to wish all our coffee shop friends and family members a very Blessed and Merry Christmas along with a healthy and prosperous New year.” God bless our coffee shop!


Well, after a lot of research and development, our new coffee shop conference server is now fully operational. As *K6FN* node 426824.

I want to thank all the members for your confidence and prayers as I now take command of Our Coffee Shop as Richard has retired after 10 long years.

Keep an eye peeled for the details of the Coffee shop 10th Anniversary Marathon on Feb 8th 2020 starting with the morning group at 0900 EST with Jim, M3YEU kicking it off.

I want to start out by giving a huge word of of thanks and prayers to KB4SVP, Richard, who fulfilled his dream of having the coffee shop server where hams from all over the world can connect and develop friendships.

It has been an amazing journey that has resulted in a vast amount of hams joining together to bond.

We have a fantastic group that care for each other and provide comfort and prayers as needed.

I know that Richard has all the confidence in the world that I will continue to lead us into a new decade. I certainly appreciate all he has done for us and ensure you that I will do all in my power to keep this a great place to gather and enjoy the company of like minded people.

I thank all of you for your patience while we develop this new effort and we will keep advancing the technology for the future.
You may notice a few changes from time to time as we fine tune a few things, but as for now its operational and sounding great..

Please join us on node 426824 for all the groups from now on.

Very best 73’s to all
Jerry, k6fn