Roger’s Trip to Space Center Houston

Here are a few pictures I took on my most recent trip to Space Center Houston.  If you ever visit, come early and take the Apollo Mission Control room tour.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Roger (NV5B)

Shuttle piggy back ride on 747

When the shuttle had to land in California due to weather conditions in Flordia, it had to take a piggy back ride on the Boeng 747 specifically designed to transport the space craft back to Flordia.

Aerodynamic testing was done to ensure the shuttle could be transported by the 747.  

Inside the 747

The 747 was not a fly-by-wire aircraft.  The cables ran from the flight deck all the way to the control surfaces of the aircraft.

Flight Test Power panel

Hands-on display allowing you to mount the shuttle atop of the 747.

Aerodynamic Demonstration
Space Shuttle flight deck
Shuttle flight control instruments
Shuttle cargo bay
Shuttle sleeping bag
Shuttle hatch to ISS
Shuttle bathroom
Shuttle storage and main hatch
Apollo Mission Control Room

The Apollo Mission Control room has been restored to the way it looked on July 20, 1969 when the first man walked on the Moon.  Included in the tour was a playback of the actual moon landing with all the telemetry data on the screens updating real-time.  Very impressive.

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