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Can you find Christian fellowship on Amateur Radio?

Politics and religion are two topics that have been historically avoided in amateur radio. Not because it is illegal (in the United States,) but, because it has been considered impolite to discuss such things in social situations. Ham radio is a social situation where what you say might be received by other people far, far, away from your local area, state, or country.  Your politics, or chosen religion might be of little consequence to the ham on the other side of the world you might be talking with. 

Some places around the world have even required that amateur radio communications be limited to discussing the technical aspects of the hobby. And, even in the United States, there are ham groups, clubs, and repeater owners that will, if not dictate, actively discourage discussions about politics and religion.

I would personally like to think that reasonable adults should be able to have a discussion about these things without it becoming a battleground.  I certainly don’t expect everyone to believe, or think, the way I do. And of course I would hope that others wouldn’t necessarily expect me to think or believe like they do.

Here in Our Coffee Shop our freedoms of speech and religion are held most dear to many of our members, including myself. So we prefer to encourage conversation, even on the tough topics, but, we do require that the conversation remain civil. Please see Our Coffee Shop Recipes for more information.

How can we learn from each other and grow, without sharing topics of this nature too?  But, I digress.

The topic at hand, and the question stated above is:  Can you find Christian fellowship on Amateur Radio.

The short answer is YES! You Can!

If you have found this post, you have found one of the few places in amateur radio where Christian fellowship can be found! Our Coffee Shop!

Our Coffee Shop is a Christian fellowship of amateur radio operators! You will hear members share their perspective on biblical teachings, share their praise reports, and their prayer requests. Stan, N9RFO is our group Chaplain, and he will frequently offer some Christian inspiration. He also provides the “Word for the Week“,  a weekly column here on this website. 

We have a number of members that are currently actively involved in ministry. Whether that is in a local church, missionary duties, truck stop, or prison ministries, to those members and to Stan, I would like to personally say thank you! May the Lord bless you and your efforts, that they may be fruitful! You have taken up the cause of Christianity as is mentioned in Matthew 4:18-20.

Our Coffee Shop is a non-denominational group, and we want to encourage everyone to share their personal perspective, prayer requests and praise reports! Please join us for any of our regularly scheduled nets and enjoy the fellowship of a great group of Christian hams.

Prayer requests that are given to moderators are shared via email with all our members that are “opted in” to receive prayer requests. The power of prayers works miracles and there are some dedicated prayer warriors here. Be sure to let a moderator know if you have a prayer request!

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May God Bless You,