The video featured above is long, and its pretty old, but the principles have not changed! If you are into antennas, you will probably really enjoy this video! Just click the image above!

Rogers Trip to the Space Center

Live View From ISS (When Available )

Our Coffee Shop Member Locations

Members in Our Coffee Shop are from 8 different countries around the world!  The flags you see on this site are representative of those countries. Click on the flags to learn more about each one.  The Google Map below is updated for each member of Our Coffee Shop!

Members Say:


Experienced my very first Echolink net this morning. I have had my Tech license over 10 years and checked in to a few local emergency nets but have never really used it. THANKS for helping me out and thanks so much for the fantastic experience!

W2RAP Andy

I been on already a few times n really enjoy it . Thanks again


Can't wait to get started since we have been and are in the radio room for anther month.

DO5CR Cornel

Two years ago the chaplain sent a really impressive prayer over the net for my daughter and my family, when my daughter had to have a brain surgery due to a tumor.


I signed into your Echolink net this evening and decided that I would like to become a member!

AC1BU Daniel

I’ll appreciate to be included as part of the Our Coffee Shop family, with all “privileges” of a family member!


I enjoyed this morning’s conference with so many hams being welcoming. Best wishes.


Sounds like a very nice group!


Awesome, thank you so much! I have totally enjoyed the group!


I was on the net on EchoLink, Fun!


I downloaded echolink after I saw a post on one of my facebook groups!

KE0ATV Derek

Thank you for the opportunity of membership!

KE0QXD Patricia

Awesome, thank you so much! I really enjoyed my time on Monday. Will definitely get my 10 in!


I am enjoying the net and will log in as available.

KJ4HUV David

I enjoyed my first morning in the coffee shop!

JR2ITQ Rentaro

I’m totally sure that I want to be a member of our coffee shop 🙂


I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘coffee shop’ this morning, and thank you for the warm welcome I received. I look forward to joining you folks again. It is great associating with fellow believers—just the kind of group I’ve been hoping for!

KK4WVO Paula

Refreshing to be greeted with such hospitality and warmth! Thanks for the welcome and glad to be a part of Our Coffee Shop – Where Everybody is Somebody!

    Welcome To Our Newest Members!

    KF0EMZ – Jamie, KF0EOI – Len,  PY8SJA – Saulo,  MW7BIY – Monty,  KE0ZVD – Jason,  KB4IUD – Jim, K3NTH – Kent, KD9AMZ – Charlie, KA4VTW – Danny, KE5WMA – Paul, KD9QHV – Stephen, KD2HCU – Eric, KD8RNO – Lynn, KD9OZW – Dale, N1TDT – Thomas, KC3PPW – Andy,  4G1DXT – Chuck,  KG5EYW – Alan,  KO4DWE – Chad,  KO4BCO – Sam,  N9AIM – Bob,  KF0CHI – Joe,  VE3JGK – Gary,  N8OZ – Joe,  KO4INQ – Jim,  AF4SH – Terry,  KI5KYX – John,  KD8IDK – David,  KK4WVO – Paula,  KK4VKM – Randy,  KJ4BSM – Nick,  K8MRH – Marc,  KB6UKJ – Joe,  KO4ERS – Joey,  KJ4JXT – Duncan,  KO4EWS – Ed,  W5FBQ – Bob,  KE0ULW – Tom,  KC5BHO – Thomas,  KB9UVF – James,  W2RAP – Andy,  KD0NMD – Dudley,  N6JI – Jeff,  KE4GTQ – Russell,  N5WRO – Steve,  KE0QXD – Pat,  VA3YYF – Ann,  KK4ZPY – Chris,  AC1BU – Daniel,  KN4AO – Allen,  KC8FQV – Mark, KC8HDI – Ed,  W7JSM – John

    Ham Radio Giveaways!

    We have a NEW Ham Radio Giveaway below from BridgeCom Systems!  

    FREE Yaesu FT-DX101D from

    Email Issues

    Some members may not be receiving our emails! UPDATE *******  4/13/2021 0750 Eastern I have received an email from our service provider indicating that the problem with Microsoft email services has been corrected. Emails should be going to all our members now. Please let me know if there are any issues. KD4LQB Please be advised: […]

    Antenna Radiation Characteristics (Great Demonstration!)

    Antenna Radiation Characteristics (Great Demonstration!)

    click image video will open in new window click image video will open in new window Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Antennas …(But were afraid to ask) Frank Rutter K3AW I’m not exactly sure how I came across this video, but, I am thrilled that I have! This might be the best demonstration […]

    A New Bench for the Shack

    A New Bench for the Shack

    Roger, NV5B is building a new workbench / desk for his shack! The desk is finished and installed! Desktop real estate. In our modern times, often when we talk about “desktop real estate” we are talking about the room on our virtual desktop. You know .. the area available for applications on our computer screens. […]

    Our Coffee Shop has a new home!

    Our EchoLink conference server has been moved to a data center. Look for the new and improved Our Coffee Shop on the *K6FN* conference server on Echolink! Node 426824
    Click Image for more about this major announcement

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    Your dedication and commitment to the group is most appreciated! Thank you!

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    Impressive demonstration of wave characteristics